Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Rise of the Dawnstar by Farah Oomerbhoy

This was a pleasant surprise. I have not read the first book in the series, The Last of The Firedrakes, but I definitely plan to now. The author provided enough connection to the first story that I was not completely lost in the events that led to this book. The beginning was a little slow for me, but the pace definitely picked up and proved exciting. I appreciate that the romance element was clean and that it took a backseat to the elements of fantasy and adventure.

Aurora must set out on a journey to her grandmother's kingdom, the only place that she will find safety. While there, she must also learn about her heritage and improve her skills with her fae abilities. She is met with animosity and resistance, as she is not a full fae, instead she is half mage and in danger from the very people with which she seek refuge.

This is a dazzling coming of age story full of intrigue and politics. I think fans of the Fantasy genre will greatly enjoy this story.

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Hidden Legacy by Christine Rees

I really enjoyed reading this story full of teens with para-normal abilities. It reminded me of X-Men in a way. Faye is an outcast at her school but gets a new start when she moves to her Grandmother's house in Astoria, Oregon. She has to navigate a new school while trying to keep her abilities hidden. Unfortunately, she has a premonition of someone's death. Even more unfortunate, that person is the first person she meets at her new school. Faye finds a place for herself at the new school, only to find out that someone is searching for her and does not have good intentions.

Some might find the story predictable, but I do not feel like it diminished the quality of the story. I enjoyed the twists that were thrown in and was surprised once or twice by the author. I feel like she was able to capture the feel of high school without making it overly juvenile. The author provided a suspenseful tone that kept me engaged. She also answered enough of my questions before she ended with a cliffhanger. This was a clean read. I look forward to reading the next chapters of Faye's story.

The Unseen by Jacob Devlin

If you are a fan of fractured fairytales or the show Once Upon a Time, The Unseen is a book you would enjoy. Set in both the Old World and the New World, Alice, Peter Pan, and Pinocchio try to rescue their children who have been pulled through a mirror. The children are on their own quest to reunite with their parents. They must battle the forces of the Red Hearts and the Ivory Queen. Love is lost and found, friendships are tested and battles are won and lost. I would suggest reading the first book, as I was a little lost at first, although you can read it as a stand alone. There is also a book #1.5 called The Ivory Queen.