Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

North America is no longer. Through war and natural disasters it has changed and now is called Panem. Panem is divided into 13 districts based on the product that it produces. Through an uprising of the people, district 13 is obliterated. The Capitol uses the hunger games to deter the populace from future uprisings. Each district much provided one boy and one girl, each between the ages of 12-18 to compete in a survival match to the death. Only one can survive.

Hunger games takes you through the game with one of the contestants. Interestingly and yet understandably, it is written in first person present tense. You won't know until the end if she survives. To save some of the mystery, I won't tell you who the characters are. I will say that they are very likeable. I found myself rooting for different contestants, sad when they didn't make it and excited about the outcome. Even though the subject matter is rather morbid, it was an interesting book and I finished it within 24 hours because I had to know the outcome. Thankfully, there was not a lot of detail about the deaths which kept some of the gruesomeness at bay. The ending says End Of Book One, so I am also curious to see what kind of sequel will come. Will it be like the neverending Survivor series, where it is the same thing, same type of people, just different names? Or will she follow some of the same characters into new challenges in their lives? Will the citizens finally stand up for their children and revolt?