Thursday, May 31, 2012

Liberation of Lystra

The final story in the Chataine's Guardian triology (although there are additional stories of Lystra). There isn't too much that can be shared without spoiling some of the story line from the first two books. Chataine Dierdre is now Surchataine and ruling Lystra with her husband. They must travel to another kingdom to try and abolish the evil that is being committed there. However, once there they are taken captive and must struggle to find a way out. Back home in Lystra, there child has been left in the care of his nursemaid. There is a plot against the yound Chatain's life. He is the next in line to the throne and with both of his parents gone, one of the governing servants decides it would be easy to stage a coup. The usurper is cunning enough to spread rumors of discontent so that no one is truly sure who is loyal and who is trying to overthrow the kingdom. A nailbitting conclusion and yet I was sad to see it end.

Stone of Help by Robin Hardy

This is a continuation of the Chataine's Guardian series. The beginning of the book find the Chataine pregnant and disgruntled with her live. In an act of rebellion, she demands to be left unattended or guarded. She asks for a moment alone by the lakeside. Unfortunately, her act of rebellion results in her being lured away into a trap. A trap that results in the loss of her baby and freedom. She is sold into captivity and begins to blossom into a woman who follows God. Her time in captivity is not lost, as she grows and learns that even in captivity she can be a blessing to others.

Chataine's Guardian by Robin Hardy

I love a good princess story. This one begins as the young princess is found needing a protector. Her father assigns Roman, a young man several years the princess' elder. She runs the whole spectrum of torturing the poor soldier. She ignores him, is demanding, treats him like a dog and yet he is constant in his loyalty to her and his service. Being headstrong, she ofter finds herself in danger or tough situations. Yet Roman is always there to fix whatever situation she creates. Her turning point is seeing him punished by her father for an action that she took. Soon, she realizes that she is in love with the soldier. Yet, she is forced to travel from kingdom to kingdom at the request of the eligible young princes that would seek an alliance with her father's kingdom. This story of adventure and love is woven with a beautiful picture of God's love through out.