Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Better Together by Kimberly Stuart

Heidi now has a 5 year old daughter, who is starting kindergarten. She turned down returning to work because she plans on having a second child. But life, doesn't always follow our plans. Heidi distracts herself with all sorts of drama. She begins pushing away all of the people that matter most. Only time will tell if she will emerge unscathed from her self-imposed drama.

Heidi's husband Jake is amazingly patient with all her levels of crazy. He gives her space. He tries to help shoulder the burdens of their life. He encourages her to move on when their plans don't work out as expected. Only time will tell if his patience will last or if he will have enough.

Great things are in store for Heidi's friends Annie and Willow. Maybe it's jealousy that leads Heidi to create the mess of her relationships that ensue. Only time will tell...

Better Together is a contemporary Christian fiction novel. I enjoyed reading this edition of Heidi's story much more than the first. It is probably because my life is closer to this story line than one with a newborn. Ms. Stuart really captures the feeling of life with a little one, the moments of stress and joy in a marriage and the vagaries of close friendships. At times poignant and others humorous, this book has a great flow. The romance elements are clean and the subject matter is addressed in a way that even my pre-teen daughter could read and enjoy the story. There is a spiritual element to the story that is evident but not forced. Heidi helps remind us all that life is messy but so worth the effort.

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